DX51D+Z180        0.4*1200*C        6.5MT
DX51D+Z180        0.55*1219*C        11.37MT
DX51D+Z180        0.65*1220*C        18.76MT
DX51D+Z180        0.80*1220*C        34.03MT
DX51D+Z180        1.15*1520*C        16.04MT
DX51D+Z180        1.45*1300*C        8.32MT
DX51D+Z180        1.5*1000*C        7.98MT
DX51D+Z180        2.5*1250*C        6.17MT
S350GD+Z200        1.55*1176*C        6.54MT
DX51D+Z275        0.6*1000*C        12.91MT
DX51D+Z275        0.6*1250*C        7.73MT
DX51D+Z275        0.65*1000*C        11.43MT
DX51D+Z275        1.28*1100*C        9.16MT


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