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April 8th, HDGI stock

DX51D+Z180        0.4*1200*C        6.5MT DX51D+Z180        0.55*1219*C        11.37MT DX51D+Z180        0.65*1220*C        18.76MT DX51D+Z180        0.80*1220*C        34.03MT DX51D+Z180        1.15*1520*C        16.04MT DX51D+Z180        1.45*1300*C        8.32MT DX51D+Z180 […]

April 7th, HDGI Stock

DX51D Z060, Zero-spangle, chromated, uncoiled, Jinxijinlan 0.3-0.6*1000-1235*C, 218 MT DX53D Z080, Zero-spangle, chromated, light coiled, Jinxijinlan 0.4-1.0*990-1430*C, 807MT contact: Echo +86 15918793897 export@okgmsteel.com

Effects of COVID-19 (Corona virus) on the steel industry

The Coronavirus has affected all the sectors of the industry, the steel industry is no exception. It has disrupted all trade, production and channels of distribution. Steel is used everywhere as in today’s time, construction cannot be done without the use of steel. Global demand of steel is very high and producers are competing to […]

March 30th, GI Stock

March 30th, GI Stock: DX51D Z080, non-surface passivation, light coiled, Posco 0.80*1300*C, 139.59 MT 0.80*1500*C, 171.74 MT DX51D Z180, non-surface passivation, light coiled, Posco 0.80*1300*C, 20.62 MT 0.80*1500*C, 6.88 MT

OKGMSteel Factory Site

      Now due to the coronavirus outbreak in the whole world, the Chinese demostic economy is also severely impacted. At this context, we need to guarantee our steel plants production, so our warehouse needs to increase the storage of steel products direct from steel plants.       That means from this month […]

2020-03-28 STOCK LIST

DX51D  Z060, 0.3*1219, 0.35*1000, no chromated, no coiled, zero-spangle, stock 56 tons Steel factory: Jinxi Jinlan Galvanized Steel Coils In Stock, Special Promotion Quotation Contact: Echo +8615918793897 export@okgmsteel.com